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Shipping and Ship Finance

Over the years we have acted for and advised a large number of the banks specializing in Ship Finance; English, U.S., Swiss, German, French, Belgian, Dutch, Greek and Cypriot. We have very extensive experience on shipfinance matters providing our clients with high-quality, multi-jurisdictional and innovative solutions. At the same time we hold a premier position in the market and advise some of the industry’s largest shipowners both in Greece and abroad on specific specialized matters such as Sale and Purchase, registration of ships and yachts, parallel registration, mortgages, chartering, foreclosures and execution.

In addition to matters pertaining to the economic sphere of the ships we have experience generally in dealing with shipping claims and disputes of every nature. This field is covered by litigation and arbitration.

Turning now to the related filed of Aircraft, we have experience in the Sale and Purchase of Helicopters and Airplanes, their ownership, structure, registration, finance, taxation and leasing and we also pursue claims against airlines for loss or damage to property and life.